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Learn how to create your own Private label product, Create profitable bundles, Source online for massive profits. Also includes 2 eBooks worth $79.98 Value

$159.97 $79.99 + tax

You get the following (Including $79.98 worth of bonus material):

  • Chris Little’s video Presentation on Online Arbitrage complete with power point slides in PDF
    • Learn where to source online for the most profitable products
    • What tools you can use to put sourcing on autopilot
    • How to never see or touch inventory
    • Cross border arbitrage for MASSIVE profits
  • Chris Little video Presentation on Private Label complete with power point slides in PDF where he takes you step by step on how he creates private label products from start to live on Amazon
    • Students pay him $4,500 to do all of the work for them developing private label products
    • This video shows you every step he goes through to research, develop, ship, list, and market a product
    • After watching this video you’ll be ready to create your own PL product(s)
    • This is PURE GOLD!
  • Anita Breeze on Bundling: Video of her Presentation complete with power point slides in PDF showing how to get UPC exceptions and how to create profitable bundles.
    • Eliminate competition – OWN your listing
    • Take several inexpensive products and create a bundle that sells for MASSIVE profit
  • PDF slides of my wholesale Presentation
    • Where to find wholesale accounts
    • How to approach wholesalers
    • Dealing with objections
    • Scaling your business via wholesale
  • PDF slides of my presentation on Merch, Ebay Valet, Creating your own eCommerce Site
    • Sell products on eBay via their Valet service: Completely hands off! Ship to eBay for FREE, and no dealing with customers!
    • Make money with zero inventory selling via Merch – Just upload designs or catchy phrases/slogans and get paid every time your shirt sells!
    • Build your own eCommerce website and link to Amazon to cross promote your products
  • PDF slides of my presentation on using cutting edge video advertising on Facebook that get massive results for very low cost
    • Learn how to create effective videos that drive sales to your listings
    • Build an audience of paying customers outside of Amazon
  • BONUS 1: A Copy of my eBook, The Wholesale Truth ($39.99 Value)
  • BONUS 2: A Copy of my eBook, Book selling for Canadians ($39.99 Value)


$79.99 + Tax


As always, if you’re not satisfied I’ll refund your money if you email within 7 days of your purchase.

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