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It’s time you sold Grocery and Gourmet Foods Amazon

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve likely already heard that Amazon are purchasing Whole Foods for just under $14 Billion dollars…in cash!

This is a huge move and a signal that Amazon are intent on dominating home delivered groceries. Take that, Walmart!

I just ordered a cool new device that lets you ask questions, (like what ingredients are in this recipe?) and scan bar codes on items to price check and order on Amazon. It only works in the US (for now) but I still find it useful living just 10 minutes from the border (and my receiving company there).

Up until now, I’ve held off on getting approval in grocery. It was mostly based on my (irrational) fear of the “risk” involved with selling food. When in fact, those risks aren’t really that large selling pre-packaged food and coffee.

I recently looked at several grocery products that I can purchase easily in Canada and sell for a (HUGE) profit in the US.

One popular brand of coffee costs under $15 per 1lb bag here and sells for $50USD all day long on .com!  Holy crap, Batman! That’s freaking amazing!

And there are tons of products like this. Along with a whole whack of smaller manufacturers, itching to expand their business into the US that I plan to partner up with.

Food is in my family. My father is a baker by trade, and learned from the best in Switzerland, the UK, and Germany. He’s run huge bakery businesses, and owns a company that creates bakery equipment. He also owns a growing cookie company in the US.

Food is recession proof. It’s something people will always buy. Treats are something people splurge on in good and bad times. And there’s HUGE brand loyalty.

So, I’ve looked into the requirements for ungating. I need to produce an invoice showing my name and address, the merchant’s name and address, and buy at least 10 items from said merchant.

I’ll pick items already selling on Amazon, and hand write the ASIN numbers beside each item on my invoice.

I’ve applied for an account at a US online company called Price Master. I hear that many people have been successful using them for getting ungated.

Once approved, I’ll make the purchase, download the invoice, then submit my  application and see what happens next!

Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned. 🙂

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