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Three Reasons Why You Should Bundle Products on Amazon

Three Reasons Why You Should Bundle on Amazon

By Anita Breeze

I absolutely love creating and selling bundles on Amazon. I sell everything from simple 2 item bundles to more complicated bundles of 7-10 items. I even do gift baskets which are basically the same as a bundle except that they arrive ready to present as a gift.



What is a Bundle on Amazon?
A bundle is 2 or more complimentary items sold together as one unique product. So with this in mind, here are a few points to consider:

  1. Two identical bars of soap are not a bundle. This is a multipack.
  2. A bar of soap, a bath sponge and a body scrubber are a bundle.
  3. A bar of soap and a silicone oven mitt are NOT a bundle. These products are not complimentary to each other.

Why Should You Consider Bundling?

MainMany people shy away from doing bundles because they seem complicated. While bundles do require a few more steps in the process, the extra effort also has it’s rewards. I have found them to be very worthwhile and they enable me to keep a certain level of sales going even during slow periods for retail sales.
In my new Bundles book CLICK HERE I will show you all the steps in detail to make bundles. It is not complicated at all!

Here are the top 3 reasons that I love Amazon bundles:

#1) You Own Your Listings

There is no better way to eliminate competition that to create a bundle and make your own listing for it. Bundles can be hard to duplicate and I have several strategies that I use to make duplication even harder and next to impossible.
When you build your own listing YOU have the control. You set the price and you decide what the title will be and what the bullet points will say.
One of the worst things is finding a product to sell and then discover that it has a crappy listing! Bad titles and descriptions, terrible images, those are the things can make a difference.

#2) Use Bundles to Build Sweat Equity in Your Business
Bundles are a great solution for fairly new sellers who have not yet got to the point of getting into wholesale accounts or even making large online retail arbitrage purchases. When I was new I did not have start-up capital for a business. I sent in a box of what I could find and my very first payout was around $20. I just kept reinvesting those payouts.
At some Minions Back to Schoolpoint I heard about bundles and decided to give them a try so I made five. Nobody was more surprised than me when they sold out fast and soon I was making more and more bundles and they became a big part of my business growth. Most people who do have startup capital have money to invest in large purchases or wholesale. They don’t want to spend time making bundles. To me it was a simple solution to my lack of cash. Where I was lacking in money I compensated with my time, effort and creativity. That is what sweat equity is.
One thing that I like to do is see what items are hot sellers in my categories. These generally have a lot of competition, but remember my Point #1 above. A bundle is a great way to sell the hottest items and have little or no competition. This leads to increased sales and payouts and you can build your business faster.
#3) Increased ASP (Average Sell Price) Leads to Increased Profits
Many people that start selling on Amazon do not really understand the fees. I’m going to make a very simplified statement here:
Generally speaking, you earn more profit by selling one $30 item than you do by selling three $10 items.
This is really important. I have an entire section about this in my new Bundles book. Bundles can help free you up from Amazon fee purgatory.
I think every Amazon seller should have as many tools in their selling belt as possible. Bundles is one tool that has worked extremely well for me and they are a large percentage of my sales.

Grab a copy of Anita’s Tell all Book on Bundles:



Anita Breeze runs her Amazon business from the Canadian West Coast and is a valued member of our team. She took her first Amazon FBA course by accident and has never looked back. She’s known to wander around stores in town and mutter under her breath “I can bundle that!”.  Anita blogs about her FBA experiences as well as other online business experiences at


DISCLOSURE: I receive compensation from each purchase of Anita’s Book. I’ve read it and find it extremely useful. I only every promote the very best to our community.

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