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The Only Course you need!

The Problem

You’ve watched YouTube videos, listened to Podcasts, perhaps even bought a course on selling on Amazon. But you feel like they’re all missing something.

It’s not your imagination. This is a common tactic used by online marketers. They’ll hook you, and give you just enough information…then up-sell you on course after course. 

I got sick and tired of this myself. And I hate to see others waste their money.

Here are some of the top frustrations we face as sellers:

  • Brand Restrictions: Many top name brands are RESTRICTED meaning we can’t sell them on Amazon.
  • Many Category/sub-categories are Gated: Many categories are GATED for new sellers, meaning we can’t sell products in those categories.
  • Competition: It seems like when you finally find a profitable product, 10 other sellers jump on the listing and tank the price leaving you with no profit!
  • IP infringements: You get a message from a brand owner telling you to cease and desist and have to remove your listings and have no recourse! Ouch!
  • Inauthentic/Counterfeit warning: Your listing gets suspended or worse, your account gets suspended because some jackass reported you (falsely) as selling counterfeit products. Now you have to try and appeal to prove your innocence!
  • Can’t find anything profitable to sell: You’ve spent hours scanning in store, or searching wholesalers price lists and come up empty handed. Even that fancy “automated” software for online arbitrage you’re paying a fortune to use came back with duds! What gives?
  • Shipping is EXPENSIVE: You realized after selling an item that the shipping costs are more than it cost you, Now you’re losing money!

Can you relate to any of these FRUSTRATIONS?! We all face them as sellers, and many people throw in the towel when the experience even one of the above.

So what separates those who’re successful from those who struggle?Making mistakes.

Having a solid plan to follow.

That’s why I created The Seller Academy. It’s a cure to many of the frustrations sellers experience trying to make a go of it on Amazon.

Will it solve all of them? Hell no! Will it save you a TON of time and help you avoid many of these frustrations? Hell YEAH!

Am I charging GURU prices for this lifetime access with ongoing updates?NO!!!!!

It’s under $500 CAD right now.

Think about it: Just one mistake on sourcing the wrong products could cost you more than the cost of admission to my Seller Academy.

Plus, you’ll keep your sanity too! That’s priceless!

I’m no GURU. I’m a Canadian Amazon FBA seller since 2015. And I choose to share what I’ve learned with others.

Sure, I make money doing so. Because diversification is smart business. Yet I also want to see others succeed and avoid being RIPPED OFF by fast talking, Lambo posing, fakers who’ve never sold anything in their life except BS!

The Solution

The Seller Academy is created by a real Amazon seller. I’ve been actively selling on Amazon since 2015. Everything I teach you in the Academy is real, actionable information you can put to work right away to produce results.

A one-time payment gets you LIFETIME access, with no further up-sells. I add new material regularly at no charge for existing students too.

Many courses sell for over $2,000 for JUST one of the components that I teach in the Seller Academy. In fact, I estimate that to purchase all of the courses out there to match what you get in the Academy, you could spend upwards of $6,000! That’s a lot of money! Save that for inventory!

Stop raising your blood pressure and trying to navigate this on your own. The concept of selling on Amazon is easy. But the execution and ability to use and document processes is what makes all of the difference. You get those included, which is perhaps the most valuable part of the Academy.

Join Today

Limited time offer: The price is increasing significantly soon.

One Payment of CAD $499 + GST/HST for Lifetime Access

This is an all-inclusive Amazon Seller Training course that will remain current and up-to-date. I will add new content regularly to the Academy at no additional charge to those enrolled. It’s a course that literally gets better with time and continually offers value to you.

What to Expect

I’ve helped hundreds of people produce RESULTS in their own Amazon FBA businesses.

Why Sell on Amazon?

Join Today

One Payment of CAD $499 + GST/HST for Lifetime Access

This is an all-inclusive Amazon Seller Training course that will remain current and up-to-date. I will add new content regularly to the Academy at no additional charge to those enrolled. It’s a course that literally gets better with time and continually offers value to you.


I was so happy…….As someone new to FBA I had so many questions. It was difficult to find answers……Duncan detailed all the info needed from basics to the nitty gritty of getting your shipment across the border and setting up with prep and ship companies. I feel so much more confident in getting my shipment into growing my FBA business!” – Christine B

“I can’t thank you enough. I was worried about launching my business in Q1 but it turned out to be a smashing success! Your course was the best money ever spent. When I last emailed you a couple weeks ago my sales were just over $1,500/week. Not bad for just starting out. Now not even 2 weeks into February my sales have skyrocketed to $5K per week with Valentines Day sales leading the way. This is building way faster than I could ever expected and I’m truly struggling to balance this with my day job. Best problem ever! I signed up for the wholesale course and am looking forward to it because I can’t keep up with the RA and OA anymore, it’s not sustainable on my own! Here are my latest business financials (and bear in mind it still hasn’t been 30 days since my first sale!!!) Thanks so much once again!!” -Chuck

We just had our best month ever with $15,000 USD in sales…
…We couldn’t have done without this. Big shout out to Duncan Macpherson for his training…a great resource and it helped eliminate a lot of confusion when we first started .” – Jack S.

“Very happy to be able to learn from you. This was one of the reasons I was able to gross ~300k this year. Aiming for $1 million in 2019! Thank you Duncan!” – Jenya S.

“Duncan and his group have been instrumental in my success in selling on .CA. So much useful information from everyone. Just starting with some wholesale accounts.” – Bruno B

Your Instructor

Duncan Macpherson

Duncan Macpherson

My name’s Duncan Macpherson and I make a full-time living, working part-time hours selling on Amazon and teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same. I live with my wife, two sons and four cats in beautiful Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

 Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. You get instant access to all of the materials.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you remain a member – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course? 10-Day money back Policy

If you have gone through the entire course and completed all modules, and can explain why the training didn’t work for you, we will refund you within 10 days of your purchase.

What else is included in the Course?

As a member, you also get access to our community of over 4,600 Amazon sellers where you can ask questions and get answers when you need them.

Who isn’t this course for?

The Seller Academy is a proven set of systems and training that produces real results. It’s not for those on the fence wondering if selling on Amazon is for them. It’s for ACTION takers who are willing to do whatever it takes to produce the RESULTS they desire.

How long will it take to see results?

It varies, but I’ve seen people apply what they’ve learned and go out the next day and find over $1,000 in profitable inventory. Others have been able to grow their business and double, even quadruple their sales. I don’t guarantee you’ll achieve the same though, and this isn’t a get rich quick business. It takes hard work.

I’ve seen similar stuff in the past—what makes this different?

The Seller Academy is specifically designed to provide useful information that you can apply right away. Many courses contain a lot of fluff, and leave out critical parts. Then up-sell you on the next level training. With The Seller Academy, you get all of my content up-front, and new material which I add regularly at no up-charge, EVER!

What people from our community are saying:

Teren Chan I’m also selling in US and found this helpful, lots of information. 
And Duncan, thanks for creating this…..

Mohammed Othman Lots of hands on experience….

Allan Wiseman I’ve been able to understand and improve my sales, thanks…..

Renee Els Buys I’ve been wanting to start selling on for a couple of months now but can’t seem to find the courage to just take the leap. Joined…. to hopefully find the some inspiration to stop procrastinating and just get going😬 

Tayyaab Tanveer I’ve been following now for the better part of this quarter. I’ve started with the basics such as RA and now I’m moving on to sourcing – bigger and better just got one of my largest shipments today 🙂 

Megan Christina Everyone is so kind in responses to questions. Great learning…..

Fari Faran This …. is awesome with very helpful knowledgeable people where I am learning each day…. thanks guys and Duncan too 

Carolina Contreras Issa I love how everyone here is eager to help one another! 

Rebecca Horman I love how quickly questions get answered! 

Lori Kristen Miller Hey! first, welcome everyone!! 

What I like … Duncan’s involvement helping out and pitching in as well as everyone else. It’s so supportive with even the smallest beginning questions! 

Nick Vlismas The knowledge …. is priceless 

Andrew Moorey Always great to see the answers to unique Amazon challenges. No one else really understands the business so it’s great to be part of the community. 

Ana G. Robillard Congrats! I found you by searching! And thank God because i have so many quesrions…..I can have my answers. Really good vibe too! 

Evelyn Townsend I was trying to find a Canadian version of everything I was reading online about Amazon sellers. Duncan was the first and so far only one to give a Canadian perspective – and more than that accurate information. I also appreciate how the group will help when someone has an issue. Thanks Duncan! 

Sanson Paul Found you on YouTube. So good to find a fellow Canadian. Thanks for all you do. 

Jill Conyers It great that’s it’s for Canadians, but the best thing is the positive nature of the group. You don’t need to be afraid of asking “dumb” questions, as you’re not going to get torn apart (as can happen on some other groups). 

Rebbecca Madge I love your story and ideally that’s my goal, leave my salary job and do FBA full time! 

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