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The real reason why most FBA businesses die

It’s no wonder so many Amazon FBA sellers businesses die.

Selling on Amazon is a tough job.

There are so many rules to learn:

Amazon’s rules.

Import rules.

Category rules.

Tax rules.

Listing rules.

Intellectual property rules.

Insurance rules.

Business structure rules.

Labeling and packaging rules.

Shipping rules.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

I know of a seller who spent hours every day scanning items in stores with his smart phone. Driving to multiple cities and buying inventory. He was fairly successful too. 

And once he got home, he’d have to:

Painstakingly peel off price tags.

Print out labels.

Box and package everything.

Load it all back into his truck.

Drop it off at a shipping company.

He quit five months in because he began to suffer from ongoing back pain and started to hate the work.

Another seller I know of would spend 8 hours or more every day sourcing online for products. They, too were successful….for a while.

But then her eyes began to burn all the time. 

She also suffered from chronic headaches.

Finally, when her account was suspended by Amazon for an inauthentic claim, she didn’t have the energy to fight it and her business died. 

Anyway, the point?

Selling on Amazon can be hazardous to your health.

And many new Amazon businesses die within six months.

Because most sellers try to do everything themselves, without a plan and quickly burn out. 

To see my “FBA business death” prevention plan, check out:


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