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The #1 Course for learning how to sell on Amazon

The Seller Academy is the #1 Course for learning how to sell on Amazon.


Most courses only focus on ONE sourcing strategy. In the Academy, you’ll learn them all:

  • Private Label: Learn to create your own products
  • Wholesale: Buy products directly from brand owners
  • Online Arbitrage: How to buy things online (like and sell them on Amazon for a profit
  • Bookselling: Massive profits in used books that you can find virtually everywhere at low cost
  • Consulting: Learn to manage brand owners Amazon accounts for them for a percentage of their sales and an up-front fee
  • Support Community of over 4,600 other Amazon sellers: Get help when you need it from other sellers who’ve been there already
  • Canadian Content taught by Canadians: How to sell in the US and Canada and Import rules

……and much, much more. You also get a complete Bookkeeping course included in your membership too so you can save thousands on paying an accountant each year. And lifetime access with ongoing updates at no additional charge too.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better value course for learning how selling on Amazon.

Check out all of the details and Join Today:

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