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Selling in the US is easy for Canadians

One of the main reasons many Canadians hold off selling on Amazon in the US is the fear that it’s too complicated.

My advice is to rely on outside help to simplify the process and to take care of the administrative aspects for you. You can then focus on your business instead of worrying.

For instance, you could spend time learning how to import products into the United States from Canada and vice versa yourself, however I think it’s a huge waste of time.

People sell on Amazon to make money after all, not to become import specialists or part-time brokers.

So why waste time trying to do it all yourself when you can have it all taken care of for you?

The following are services that can assist you in getting your products into the US from Canada:

Letterlock: Located in Abbotsford BC, and Sumas Washington, They take packages over the US border for you for a fee. They offer a simplified service where you can ship boxes duty-free up to $800 USD per box (anticipated resale value on Amazon). They also offer another service where you can import up to $2,500 USD per shipment into the US, and they can also complete the paperwork for customs on your behalf. You can ship food products if you have the FDA prior notice of approval paperwork.

Chit Chats: Located in multiple cities all over Canada, they allow sellers to drop off packages in person. They will, in turn, drive your inventory over the US border for a small fee where it’s picked up and delivered to Amazon FBA. They limit shipments to $800 USD per box (estimated resale value on Amazon) though, so it’s best for smaller sellers. You can’t ship grocery/food products with them, however.

Another very lucrative strategy for Canadians is to import products into Canada from the US. There are a ton of American brands that would love to sell in Canada, but don’t have the time to figure out how to import and deal with regulations. 

There’s a one-stop solution that can take care of all of the paperwork etc. and get your products into Canada inexpensively. CanadaPrepandFulfillment has locations on the East and West coast and can make the process simple for anyone bringing goods into Canada from the US and vice versa.

If you’d like to learn more about how to sell in the US as a Canadian, including how to get a US bank account and credit card, convert from US to CAD without the heavy fees, and even ways to never have to deal with the border or ever see boxes yourself, my eBook How to Sell on from Canada covers it all in detail

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