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Selling on Amazon is Boring!

Follow your passion!

Do what you love!!

You hear these platitudes all the time. And it’s widely accepted as truth.

It’s also terrible business advice.

The chances are, if you love something, once you make it into a business your interest and passion for it will dwindle. It’s human psychology and has been proven by research. Look it up.

And if you love eating ice cream, it doesn’t mean you should get into the ice cream business purely for that reason.

To succeed in business, you need to have a sound plan. And you need to serve a hungry market, willing to pay for your products or services. You need to have some way of adding value as well. Without that, no one will buy.

Selling on Amazon isn’t my passion. It’s an income stream.

Amazon are a massive, corporate beast who give zero craps about me or other third party sellers at the end of the day.

I went into selling on Amazon as a way to buy myself freedom by producing an income that paid the bills.

And while my Amazon business grows every year, I’ve diversified into other investments and income sources.

In fact, if I lost my Amazon account, I’d still make a great income without it.

The reason I’m still doing Amazon myself, is because my business is mostly automated. I wouldn’t want to be out scanning stuff in stores and spending hours of my time packing up products and would have moved on long ago if this were a requirement.

But I assure you that I’m doing what I love. And I’m following my passion.

You want to know what that is?  It’s having complete control of my schedule and being able to spend time with my family on my terms.

I don’t need to ask my master (aka boss) for time off work.

Vacation time? Whenever I feel like it!

I don’t need to rise at 6am to be in the office for 7:30. Or fight the rush hour traffic filled with other hollow sheeple obediently headed to put in time at a job they probably hate.

No corporate politics, company gossip, or annoying managers breathing down my neck for me.

And it feels freaking great!

But to get to this point, I had to do the boring stuff. And for me, that was scaling my Amazon business via Wholesale.

I took a course that charges over $2,500 USD to learn the strategies of a couple of $9 million plus per year sellers. They have a warehouse and employees. And operate on razor thin margins.  It’s an interesting model, and it’s a great course.

I teach a slightly different approach in my Wholesale Mastermind. But you’ll learn their methods and more.

I could have charged the same amount, paying affiliates a massive commission to promote my group.

But I’m taking a different approach with how I market the group.

I focus on Canadians, though it’s equally relevant for American and international sellers too.

I want to attract a lot more people and make it affordable for anyone. I even offer three payment options.

It’s not thrilling. But it is actionable, and if you follow the advice you’ll be able to achieve your own freedom as well.

Check out The Wholesale Mastermind group here.




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