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My Review of the JungleScout Tool

DISCLAIMER: I’m an affiliate for Jungle Scout and receive a commission if you purchase using the links on this site. I’m also a customer of Jungle Scout and use their Chrome extension almost every day for my own Amazon business and it saves me a ton of time.

One of the first tools I invested in was the JungleScout Chrome extension. And I’ve used it almost EVERY day since! Talk about value!

In a nutshell, it’s a tool that shows REALLY useful data for Amazon listings, including rank and even the estimated number of monthly sales for a SKU on Amazon.

The big advantage for me initially was not having to look up reference charts to determine if a product was a good rank or not. At one click, JungleScout TELLS me approximately how many items sell each month on Amazon.

It also shows me the current buy box price, the number of sellers on the listing, who’s the current buy box seller (Amazon, FBA or MF), the item’s weight, and then the net profit after Amazon fees.

I can’t stress enough what a time saver this is vs manually looking up data myself. It makes it so much quicker to determine if a product is a winner or loser.

Best of all, it supports international market places including Amazon Canada.

If there’s a MUST have tool for every Amazon seller, it’s JungleScout.

Click Here for More Information and to Get your Copy of JungleScout


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