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Quickbooks Online for Canadian Amazon Sellers course.

The Problem

Too many Canadians are lost when it comes to book keeping and tracking their Amazon business. They don’t know how to do basic accounting and many accountants are unhelpful and expensive. Most of the book keeping training out there I’ve foun is all based around US sellers and doesn’t apply to us sellers based in Canada.

When I sought help with the book keeping for my Amazon business, I figured I needed a specialist. I actually found a few, and they were either fully booked up, and/or outrageously expensive.

There had to be a better way!

The Solution

Just like when I first began selling on Amazon, and ran into frustrations getting the right information to sell in the US from Canada, I went out and sought advice and dived in head first! My eBook, How to Sell on from Canada is now a best seller, and simplifies the process for Canadians to sell on Amazon in the US.

I’ve done the same with my book keeping and created this course, from my own perspective as an Amazon seller (AKA: I’m NOT an accountant, so I speak your language!)

Now, Canadian Amazon sellers can learn the basics of how to track their inventory, record their payouts, convert to Canadian dollars, deal with GST/HST etc. in a simple, down to earth approach that’s easy to understand.

What to Expect

I’ll teach you the basics of how to use Quickbooks Online with your Amazon business. It’s specifically tailored for Canadian Amazon sellers that sell in Canada, the United States and internationally. I cover it all in this course, along with tips on how to further automate your book keeping and track inventory in even further detail.

Why Quickbooks Online?

There are many accounting software packages out there, and I’ve tested most of them. The biggest frustration with most of them is that they are cumbersome and non-intuitive. Quickbooks Online offers an easy to use interface, that’s much simpler to use than other programs I’ve tried. They also offer a desktop version of their software, but I’m a fan of keeping my information and digital receipts safely stored in the cloud. This way, if my home computer crashed or was destroyed in a fire, my accounting records are all still safe and sound. Plus, my accountant can log into my Quickbooks account at any time to access my data, which saves time and money.

$399.00 CAD  (10% Discount applied): Just $359 + Tax for LIFETIME ACCESS.

PLUS $560.00 worth of Bonuses included with your purchase too:

  • Copies of all of my eBooks (How to Sell on from Canada, Bookselling for Canadians, The Wholesale Truth + 175 Wholesale accounts)
  • Training videos on Private Label, Bundling and more
  • 3 months of access to my Wholesale Mastermind group (This is a paid, exclusive Facebook group where I post new wholesale accounts daily and where you can ask wholesale specific questions)
  • Access to my Q4 Mastermind Group which opens on Monday September 17th and runs until Mid December (a user feedback run exclusive Facebook group where members share BOLO’s and sales in their area and nationally, both in the US and Canada. I’ll also post a few US Online Arbitrage finds to the group each week myself.

*Due to the special discounts and bonuses included with this offer, there are NO REFUNDS once purchased.

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