This is an exclusive list of 26 Canadian Toy Suppliers in an Excel Spreadsheet. Name and website included of each supplier.

Brands include:


McFarlane Toys,




Atlas Games

+ Many more!


Limited time offer.


Once sold out, that’s it!


BONUS 1: Includes links to sources where you can locate hundreds of additional Canadian wholesale suppliers on your own.


BONUS 2: Includes a link to the Top 45 Trade Shows in Canada. Use these suppiers to get ungated in certain brands, create your own unique bundles that could sell for massive profits with low competition, or just plain toys to sell for the holiday season this year (in both Canada and the US)


Low minimum orders for most (under $150).


Pay with a credit card.


All suppliers are based in Canada.





NOTE: There are NO refunds whatsoever due to limited availability and confidentiality.

26 Canadian Toy Suppliers+ Wholesale eBook + BONUSES

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