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Private Label on Amazon Canada

There are many ways to sell products on Amazon Canada, however, one of the most successful strategies I’ve seen applied is to sell your own brand name products, also known as private label.

This isn’t an easy process and the days of making easy money by just going to Alibaba, buying a generic product and creating a new listing on Amazon are long gone. (Thankfully) This is a good thing for consumers. We don’t need 10,000 versions of the same garlic press, after all do we?

To create a successful product in 2019, you need to offer something unique. This is know as your Unique Value Proposition (USP). Without a USP, your product will not succeed.

USP’s are what differentiate your product and brand in the market place. It can be as simple as telling a story that shows how your product solves a pain point for customers. Or re-purposing a product from one category to another and discovering a unique market opportunity to promote to.

It’s sometimes building a better mouse trap. One great way to get ideas for improving a current popular product on Amazon is to look at the three star reviews. They tell you what they like about a product, and also what they dislike (ie. I wish the handle on this barbecue brush was longer).

But designing and sourcing your own product doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the fewer pieces and moving parts you have, the better. The key is to be creative. I know of people selling millions of dollars in…wait for it…..Bamboo barbecue skewers! Here's their story on that.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create your own Private Label products in 2019, it’s covered in detail in my Seller Training Academy here.


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