Why Wholesale is the Best Business Model in 2021

Updated: May 18

The opportunity to sell on Amazon is absolutely huge in 2021. And selling via Wholesale is bar none, the lowest risk, and best model for building a sound Amazon business.

Forget high risk Private Label (and the liability risks that come along with it - Flaming hoverboards anyone??!) Unless you have extensive selling experience on Amazon already and very deep pockets, you'll likely get badly burned and lose money.

Then there's arbitrage (buying products from retail stores and online and re-selling on Amazon). But there are many risks (IP Infringement claims, inauthentic warnings, account suspension). And it takes SO MUCH TIME! You can make decent money with it, but it's a JOB vs a business. You have no way to scale up, and will likely flounder.

In contrast, wholesale gives you access to hundreds of thousands of solid products, you can get permission to sell (ideally exclusively) on Amazon for brand owners.

But it requires a strategy and a solid plan of action. So I’m making myself available to work with a few people from our community and would love you to be one of them.

Who's the Wholesale Model Best for?

  • Those new to selling on Amazon AND sellers who've dabbled with other models (arbitrage/used books) and want to build a real business.

  • People with at least $2,000 available to invest into wholesale inventory within the next 6 months (though you can start with as little as $150)

  • Those who have a steady income and don't need to rely on Amazon to make a living yet (It takes six months to a year or more to build a business

If you're ready to take your business to the next level in 2020, I strongly suggest you have a solid plan and focus on building it via the wholesale model. In my Seller Academy Masterclass, I teach you step-by-step on exactly how to do it.

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