When I First Discovered FBA

In early November 2014 I discovered this thing called “FBA” (Fulfillment By Amazon) and became very excited.  

I’d been self employed since late 2011 running a business selling commercial office furniture.  While things were going okay, I was bored.

 I didn’t enjoy constantly having to meet with customers face to face, as it took up a lot of my time.  I realized that my business model wasn’t scalable, and that I’d really just created a “job” for myself working “in the business” rather than on the business itself.  

While some people might be content with that, I wanted more freedom in my life.  I didn’t want to be at the beck and call of customers, nor did I want to have to physically visit clients and meet in person any longer.  

So I began looking for other ways to make a living online.  I needed to find something I could start with almost no investment and get up and running quickly.  

As you can imagine, I had to filter through a lot of garbage during this process, but it was worthwhile as I discovered the Amazon FBA business model.  I began learning as much about the business as possible.

So what is FBA exactly?  Well, basically you buy products, ship them to Amazon, set the selling price you want, and Amazon sell the goods for you.  They also deal with shipping, customer service and warehousing for you!  You can learn more about Amazon FBA here.

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