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So you’ve heard about selling on Amazon FBA and want to learn more.

And I’m so glad you found my site.

Every day, I’m bombarded with advertisements from the latest guru pushing their course.

You won’t find that here. I’m no guru. I’m an experienced Amazon seller that helps others start and scale their business.

I don’t promise riches, quitting your job and living a dream lifestyle without any effort or work. Because that’s not reality.

What is Amazon FBA? Click here to learn more.

The top three things you need to be successful selling on Amazon are:

  1. Popular products that people want to buy
  2. A source to buy those products from
  3. Capital to pay for the products

So how do you find these popular products, and where can you get them?

There are four sources that the majority of people get their products to sell on Amazon:

  • Online Arbitrage
  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Wholesale
  • Creating their own Products (Private Label)
  • Selling Used Books

Online/Retail Arbitrage: Simply put, is where you buy brand name products from a retailer (say Walmart) either from their website, or in store and then sell them for a profit on Amazon. Click here to learn more about Arbitrage.

Learn about Online Arbitrage Here

Wholesale is where you buy larger quantities of products from a brand owner or a distributor. Click here to learn more about wholesale.

Creating your own products (brand) often referred to as Private Label is where you either manufacture products yourself, or more likely, source products from manufacturers in China, modify them to be unique and improved in some way from what’s already out there, then put your own brand name on them to sell on Amazon.

Learn about Private Label from This expert..

Selling used books is ideal for new sellers on a limited budget. The profits in used textbooks can be huge.

REAL TRAINING: If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, straight talking step-by-step course that will teach you how to sell on Amazon using all of the above strategies and more, please be sure to check out the Macpherson Seller Academy. It’s for anyone looking to sell on Amazon in the US or Canada (or both). Click here for details

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