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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

While setting up an Amazon seller account is fairly straightforward, selecting the right products to sell, following Amazons own rules and learning the laws of international export is not so easy.

Just because Amazon lets you do something doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY mean it’s okay.

For instance Amazon may let you list a product that you purchased at a retailer. But the brand owner of that product may not allow unauthorized sellers on Amazon.

If a brand owner wants you off the listing all they need to do is complain to Amazon and nine times out of ten, Amazon will side with them and suspend your listing leaving you with a bunch of stranded inventory that you have to remove at your own expense.


Amazon no longer want hobbyists looking to make a few bucks on the side selling on their platform. They want professional businesses.

And they’re not forgiving towards mom and pop newbies who inadvertently break the rules and get into hot water. They’ll throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.

Border guards are also unforgiving. Which is why I wrote an eBook titled How to sell on from Canada. It gets into specific detail on exactly how to sell your products in the US as a Canadian on

It also includes hours of video instruction on how to create your own private label products. People pay hundreds of dollars for this training alone bought separately from others. My goal is always to provide more value than people pay for with all of my products though, so you get in at no additional charge.





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Want even more training, including how to source via Wholesale (The method I and others have used to sell millions on Amazon)? Check out my complete training package that also includes the above eBook. All for under $100! Click here

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