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HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON.COM FROM CANADA eBook: A Comprehensive Guide for Canadians, Including how to make your own private label products

(Updated for 2018) – Includes 1 hour 40 Minutes of video content on how to create your own Private Label products – Links included in the eBook to access these videos.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to sell on as a Canadian. Including how to easily ship products to the US from the comfort of your home and even the option to never have to deal with borders at all.

Save yourself a lot of time and headaches, with easy to follow, current information that you can apply right away to start selling in the US on Amazon as a Canadian.

The Problem
Many Canadians, begin their journey by selling on Amazon Canada. Unfortunately, the Canadian market alone was is small to generate enough income for most, and sales stall.  

To grow your Amazon business, you really need to expand into the massive US market and start selling on too. To many, this seems like such a monumental step, with all kinds of barriers, rules and regulations to learn.

I had a lot of uncertainty around how to get started too and frankly, I felt intimidated. After hundreds of hours of research I had to filter out a lot of mixed and outdated information. I didn’t know who to trust, and that was frustrating!

The Solution and Results
Eventually I figured out enough to begin selling on and went on to make my first sale in the US. And I’ve never looked back since.  In fact, I often tell people that Amazon Canada alone is a waste of time! 

With the current US/CAD exchange rate, it’s great to be paid in US dollars while living in Canada.

Just $59 CAD + Tax 

What you’ll Learn

  • How to ship your products inexpensively over the border from Canada to the US,
  • What customs forms and paperwork you’ll require (with completed  examples for your reference)
  • What services to use to handle cross border shipping for you

6 Bonuses Included:

  • BONUS #1 – Pro Tips – Time saving advice that will save you a lot of headaches in an easy to follow format
  • BONUS #2 – A list of Websites where you can find profitable things to sell on Amazon and software you can use to automate it
  • BONUS #3 – A list of Prep & Ship Companies (They handle all of your inventory for you – No seeing inventory or touching packing tape required)
  • BONUS #4 – Access to our Facebook Community of over 4,500 other Amazon sellers where you can ask questions and increase your learning
  • BONUS #5 – 1 h 40 minutes of video instructions showing you step-by-step how to create your own Private Label products.
  • BONUS #6 – Samples of completed forms required for importing goods into the US

My eBook comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. If after purchasing you decide it’s not for you, I’ll refund 100% of your money. Just send me an email and I’ll promptly refund you. It’s that simple!


I was so happy when I came across How to Sell on from Canada! As someone new to FBA I knew I wanted to sell on the .com platform but had so many questions. It was difficult to find answers, especially when most information is geared to FBA sellers who live in the USA. After downloading, I devoured the book but will be going back through it again and again. Duncan detailed all the info needed from basics to the nitty gritty of getting your shipment across the border and setting up with prep and ship companies. After reading, I feel so much more confident in getting my shipment into growing my FBA business!

Christine B.

I just purchased your book earlier this evening and wanted to thank you. Looks like you over-delivered on this…far above and beyond what I really was expecting.  I’ll have to go over it again…there’s so much good, detailed information here.  I’ve been looking for a guide like this for such a long time.  Thank you!

– Annie D

Excellent content helps answer a lot of questions. I would recommend to any seller who is deciding to sell in the USA.

– Nicole Osborne

If you’re a Canadian Amazon seller and want to move into the US market this book will save you a ton of time. There are a lot of free resources out there that teach you how to sell but they are geared towards US sellers. The value in this book is that it is written by an active Canadian seller for Canadian sellers.

– Rob Mills

Great book that is filled with first rate information on the in’s and out’s of cross border transactions. It’s not where I started my sales but it definitely gave direction on next steps to take. Author runs a great face book page as well.

– Elaine C.

Great book. Answered a lot of questions and brought up a lot of info that I hadn’t thought about when starting up.

– Janet D. Glowacki

Amazing resources for Canadian sellers if you are interested in selling on this is one book you should get.

Duncan’s book is very informative for Canadians who want to sell on His book helps to greatly simplify the process.

Great resource for Canadians by a fellow Canadian. Very good for beginners to get started.

Very good information for Canadian sellers wanting to sell to US customers on Made back the money I spent on this book pretty quickly in that it answered questions that I had about sending products to the US; these unanswered questions were holding me back from selling on -GTA

Essential guide for Canadian sellers looking to sell in US marketplace. Great help for new sellers in Canadian market. This book was what set me on the path to selling in A treasure trove of information that is sure to open possibilities.

Excellent info. A must have for anyone starting on Amazon – J. Mahoney

Very informative. A must have if you are planning on selling from Canada to the USA. – Pam Gutzke

Informative and timely. This eBook really helped me propel my business to the next level. Duncan really knows what he is talking about! – Maxwell

Well written, helps you get up and running with .com from Canada in a few different ways. – Stephen Harrison

I bought the book. Very glad I did. Can’t ask for a better guide to get started selling on Amazon. Thanks Duncan.




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