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Get out of the way of your own success!

“You’re a unique individual”. These were the words my last boss said to me when I argued that putting in more hours was less productive vs creating systems to automate processes. In the corporate world, time put in and being present in the office and at endless meetings is often considered essential and good work ethic. I didn’t buy it, and I saw straight through the bullshit.

Starting a business is hard. It takes a lot of work, and you definitely have to stretch yourself to thrive. But you know what’s awesome? For all of the faults and complaints you hear about Amazon, they do a pretty freaking awesome job for us really.

Think about it. Amazon FBA:

  • Store your inventory
  • Handle all customer inquiries
  • Ship to customers for you
  • Handle customer product returns
  • Advertise for you (clients from all over the world know and visit Amazon)
  • Allow you to sell internationally

I come from a background in outside sales and dealt with customers every single day. So I know how much work it can be. Especially dealing with difficult and unreasonable ones. It can suck all of your energy!

Many people, myself included started selling on Amazon to make a few extra dollars on the side. Once I saw the potential, I decided to go all in and turned my business into a full-time income. And the way I did this, was to get out of the way! I’ll say that again:

The way I turned my Amazon business into full-time income was to get out of the way!

Let me explain. You know all of the awesome things I listed above that Amazon do for us as sellers? That allows us to scale our business as large as we can handle financially. But…..If we spend our time working IN the business by manually sourcing for items via arbitrage, then labelling goods, removing stickers, packaging and shipping products to Amazon, WE BECOME THE BOTTLENECK!

Once I realized this, I changed course. I no longer wanted to trade my time for pennies on the dollar. I wanted a better ROI on my time!

We always talk of profit an ROI in terms of our Amazon sales, but a more important metric is the ROI on your time.

It’s better to make $1,000 a month in passive income vs having to put in 40 hours or more to earn that money. The less you personally have to do yourself, the more leverage you have.

Successful entrepreneurs build systems vs being great at the day-to-day operations of their businesses. They spend their time building relationships, planning for the future, and attracting investors.

So I went out and mastered how to attract and work with wholesale suppliers for my Amazon inventory. It took a lot of work to land a few, really good accounts. But in-between I was able to get on board with hundreds of wholesalers and find enough inventory to grow my Amazon business in the meanwhile.

In my wholesale mastermind group, I teach exactly how to do what I’ve already done and am doing in my own business. You’ll learn how to get out of the way, spend your efforts on the most important areas to grow your business, and more importantly free up your time and spend less of it working in your Amazon business. Click here for more information




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