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Generic is the new “brand” on Amazon

The data shows that approximately 70% of searches on Amazon are for generic terms and that customers are less loyal to brand names than ever.

This means there’s a huge opportunity for new or lesser known brands to compete and win against the big established brand names on Amazon.

Consumers want higher quality products and look to Amazon reviews for validation.

And they overwhelmingly buy what shows up first and is relevant to their search – Often as a result of targeted advertising by savvy brand Amazon sellers that understand this.

What an exciting time we’re living in where the playing field at the moment is leveled between multi-billion dollar brands and smaller sellers.

Of course, as time goes on the larger brands will invest more into their own advertising and likely dominate the search results on Amazon once again. However, for the foreseeable near future, sellers who know what keywords (or features) customers search for that are relevant to their products will thrive.

The top sellers 1% of sellers are FOCUSED. They have far fewer SKU’s and are able to run extremely targeted advertising campaigns as a result

Amazon shows best products for a keyword/search term based on their algorithm. And the most important metric is CONVERSIONS.

A brand may not be best seller on Amazon, but can be considered the best match for a customers search query and thus show up first in the results that Amazon gives back.

So if your listing shows up for a specific feature a customer searches for and generate sales based on those keywords, you could place above products that sell far more than you do because Amazon’s algorithm considers your listing more RELEVANT to that customer.

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