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Frustrated with Amazon FBA?

I was at a point with my Amazon business that really frustrated me.

I’d secured several solid wholesale accounts that were bringing in great profits every month.

And then something happened. The brands started selling directly on Amazon themselves! Cutting me out of the picture completely! Poof! Thousands in revenue *gone* just like that!

At first I was angry. Then I thought it through. Why? 

The obvious answer was “more profit for them”

Digging deeper though, I realized that the problem was me.

I hadn’t been adding any value, and I wasn’t dealing with brand owners directly.

You see, I’d been purchasing these brands from distributors. Middleman who purchased from the brand owners directly, and Then sold the items to me in smaller quantities along with their mark up.

While distributors are much easier to get signed up with and often allow you to pay with credit card, It’s increasingly a short term game. Not much different than doing online arbitrage.

I was determined to deal with brand owners directly and convince them how I could help manage their listings and squeeze out unauthorized sellers.

So I wrote a script, began researching potential brand owners, and then picked up the phone and started calling.

I often got through to voicemail, a gate keeper, or if I did get through to a decision maker they would quickly become defensive and try to end the call.

This was really frustrating, and felt like an uphill battle. But I kept up callafter call, email after email. And then it happened.

And owner of a food product company liked what I have to say, and we agreed on some terms to get started.

After just one month, I’d replaced the income from the two accounts I lost prior, and I was making more money with less competition.

I went on to negotiate an agreement with this brand, where I would not have to purchase any inventory from them directly. I would simply open the seller account for them, and take a percentage of all sales.

I use this model as often as I can now in my own business. I no longer tie up all of my capital in inventory, and diversify my risk by not having everything sell for my own personal account.

This model has allowed me to remove another major frustration. I’m sure it’s a frustration you experience too?

And that is running out of capital to scale your business further.

I’ve been there and I know how it feels. I know how frustrating it can be to hit those ceilings. I also know the feeling of self doubt and worry when it comes time to consider investing a significant amount of additional capital into inventory.

In the Seller Academy, I share my exact strategies that I’ve perfected for growing an Amazon business.

From starting out, to $1 Million dollars a year and well beyond. Once you remove all of the bottlenecks, scaling becomes much easier. Limited capital is the biggest bottle neck most sellers face. I teach how to remove this block, at which point the opportunities to your growth are virtually limitless.

More Information on The Seller Academy

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