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Q4 Online Arbitrage Finds for Amazon Sellers ( Only)

Stock up for Q4 with my finds list

Most Amazon sellers use web based subscription services to search the same sites as everyone else.  The competition is fierce and many things they find quickly become “duds” that turn into stale inventory.

BETTER SOLUTION: Don’t follow the herd!  We source on sites where the other sellers aren’t looking.  And the categories and brands are all ungated and unrestricted, making this list perfect for new sellers.

You’ll receive a minimum of 15 products finds per week emailed to you Tuesday and Friday

Ready for some profitable flips from Online retailers in the US that you can sell on

Here’s the data you’ll receive:

  • Item description
  • Link to listing
  • Link to Online Store
  • Amazon Category
  • Store Name
  • Buy Box Price
  • ASIN
  • Store Price
  • Gross Profit & ROI %
  • Sales Rank 
  • Link to Keepa Chart
  • Estimated Monthly Sales

What to expect:

  • All finds are in the top 3% of their category
  • All ungated categories and unrestricted brands = NEW SELLER FRIENDLY
  • Low competition
  • Minimum $6 USD gross profit, 40% ROI
  • Limited to 20 people maximum  =  EXCLUSIVE and LOW COMPETITION 

Cost: $249 + tax one time payment: Gets you access until December 15th

Don’t miss out on the MASSIVE Q4 rush.

All purchases are final and non-refundable.

Invoice will show as from 10588695 Canada Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The data in our finds lists is deemed accurate at the time that it was published. However, ranks, Amazon prices and store in-stock levels change rapidly and we have no control over these factors. Some items may be sold out by the time you download our lists, or Amazon’s price may have changed. We assume no liability for any errors with our data and it’s up to you to do your own research and due diligence before making any purchases. You agree not to hold us responsible for any losses financial or otherwise.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: You may not make any money, or could even lose money by selling on Amazon and assume all risks by doing so. There are no guarantees that by subscribing to the Online Arbitrage Finds List you will make any money.


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