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eBook – How to Sell on Amazon.Com from Canada

I launched my first eBook on Friday afternoon, titled How to Sell on from Canada and I’m very pleased to report it’s already been a huge success with over 50 copies downloaded in the first two days!  The book was written from my perspective and own experiences as a seller based in Canada, and outlines the strategies and techniques I used to expand onto selling on and turn business into a full time income.

Here’s a little about the new book:

Have you considered selling on, but think it’s too complicated or just aren’t sure how to get started?  Maybe you’ve tried selling on only to find the sales are slow to non-existent and shipping costs are eating all of your profits?  If so, then this guide is for you.

My 58 page quick start guide gives everything you need to know to get up and running selling on  In fact, I wish someone had written this guide for me when I got started!  And it includes 3 Bonuses to help you fast track your success!

The Problem
Like many Canadians, I started out selling on and wanted to grow my sales into a full time income.  Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that the market was too small and the fees really ate into my profits.  Worse, the shipping costs in Canada are killer!  I knew I needed to grow my business by expanding onto  But it seemed like such a monumental step, with all kinds of barriers, rules, and uncertainty of how to get started.  I spend hours researching on my own, and asking a lot of questions to learn more.

The Solution and Results
I finally figured out enough to get going and start selling on, and made my first sale in February, 2015.  I never looked back!  Just four months later, I’d grown my sales to a point where I was officially making a full time income!  It took a lot of effort, research and mistakes along the way.  But I’m happy to report that my sales are stronger than ever and I’m still a full time active seller on Amazon, working part-time hours!  Our Canadian dollar has weakened significantly against the USD and there’s never been a better time to be paid in US dollars while living in Canada!

  • Learn how to ship your products over the border
  • What forms and paperwork you’ll need
  • How to set up and
  • Tips for Retail and Online Arbitrage
  • Where to find Wholesalers in the US and Canada
  • Tax requirements and information
  • How to sell in the US without ever shipping products over the border
  • How to sell without ever touching boxes or products

Table of Contents
Registering for an Seller Account
Where to Find Products to Sell
Online Arbitrage
Retail Arbitrage
Buying from Wholesalers
Importing Products into the US from Canada
United States Laws and Rules
Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Shipping via Courier/Mail from Canada
Self-Importing as an Informal Entry via a Commercial Border Crossing
Using a Broker
What You’ll Need at the Border
Commercial Invoice
Form 7533
Form 7501
Form 7523
US Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
Prep & Ship Companies
US Parcel Receiving and Freight Forwarders
BONUS #1 – Exclusive Offer
BONUS #2 – List of Websites to Source From
BONUS #3 – List of Prep & Ship Companies

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