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What Is A Brand Ambassador2

Don’t be just another seller – Be a brand ambassador.

Post Series: Wholesale Tips and Tricks

The skills you have as an Amazon seller go far beyond just putting products up for sale on existing listings.

What we as sellers take for granted, is often mind blowing for many manufacturers and brand owners, and opens up tremendous possibilities .

Members of my Seller Academy already know about these advantages. Today I’m sharing the kinds of things we talk about in my inner circle.

Being a Canadian based seller offers some unique challenges and advantages too Many manufacturers don’t know how to get their products over the border efficiently.

And they don’t have warehouses in the US (or Canada if they’re American).

The import/export rules confuse them and they’re unsure of the correct paperwork and certificates they’ll need.

And they feel they don’t have the time to ship individual orders to customers.

Amazon FBA solves this hurdle for them and most don’t even understand how it works!

As an experienced Amazon seller, you’ve likely already solved most of these issues and figured out how to streamline that process.

If you’re not already doing some consulting work outside of selling on Amazon, it may be something to consider.

It could be an arrangement where you charge by the hour, a flat rate, or even manage their Amazon account for a percentage of the sales.Or, perhaps you become their exclusive seller on Amazon.

The possibilities are endless. 

If you just buy from a wholesaler, and list their stuff on Amazon you don’t add much value to that brand owner. And you’ll likely eventually be replaced, either by Amazon directly or by multiple competitors jumping on your listing.

Instead, you want to become a brand ambassador for companies.

What’s a brand ambassador?

It means going much further than just listing a brand owners products on Amazon. Here are just a few ways you help: 

  • ​optimize their listings
  • create professional images that convert. 
  • use keywords, descriptions and titles that get their products found in searches for buying customers. 
  • run PPC campaigns and even Facebook ads to bring traffic to their listings. 
  • follow up with customers who leave 3 star or less reviews to see what went wrong and pass that feedback on to the brand owner.  
  • run searches periodically in google and Facebook to see what others are saying about the brand
  • shut down counterfeiters and block other sellers from selling their products on Amazon
  • honour MAP pricing to protect their other vendors

If you found this information useful, just imagine how much you’ll gain from being a part of my Seller Academy.

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