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Cold Showers and Selling on Amazon

For the last while, I’ve started my mornings with what some may consider an odd routine. I take a three minute, ice cold shower as soon as I wake up.

Am I nuts?

That’s debatable.

But seriously, I read about this from top trainers like Tony Robbins, and MMA cage fighters who’ve adopted the cold shower routine into their lives and seen huge performance increases.

And it’s amazing to feel the results for myself.

It puts me in an incredible mood, I’m far more alert, and it works way better than a strong coffee!

The coolest thing is, routines can change your life fairly quickly.

Like when I first discovered Amazon FBA and was able to turn it into a full-time income. And now, today, make more money working fewer hours than ever and live the lifestyle I always wanted.

So to encourage you to adopt a new routine, I’ve put together a complete Amazon training package with seven incredible bonuses for you. And, in keeping with routines, I also am including lifetime membership to my Amazon seller bookkeeping course for a limited time as well. All, at a price much than most others are charging for similar content.

Because I’m an Amazon seller first an foremost and the training I sell is a supplement/side income stream for me. But most of all, I love to see others succeed at this incredible business too.

So please, don’t procrastinate and miss out on taking a chance. Don’t worry about failing either. By not taking any action to seize your dreams, you’ve already failed anyhow. So you really have nothing to lose, do you?

More details on this training can be found here

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