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It’s hard to explain the feeling I get every single day when I wake up and live life on my own terms. It’s crazy to realize that I make more money while I sleep than most people make in a job that they hate. 

I don’t have an alarm clock, nor do I need to drive in traffic unless I choose to. I’ve lived this way since 2011 and could never go back. I think of the movie The Matrix and the option to take the blue or red pill. I took the red pill and am living an extraordinary life outside of the normal 9-5 routine of working for someone in a job.

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I don’t tell you this to impress you, rather to impress upon you  that the lifestyle of your dreams is in your hands. I knew nothing about Amazon FBA four years ago and now I work on my own schedule, with no boss and no one telling me what to do!

A JOB is a really a bad deal if you think about it.

  • You’re told when to be there and when you can leave.
  • You need permission to take time off
  • You’re allowed a set number of sick days – Oh, gee thank you!
  • You maybe have to deal with a jerk boss who doesn’t respect or appreciate you
  • Dealing with corporate politics
  • Only being paid just enough to keep you around
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And don’t get me started on meetings either! How many times have you thought a 1 hour corporate meeting could have been avoided with a quick email or phone call instead? Nothing more “fun” than a 7am meeting with a bunch of people trying to prove how “smart” they are to a group of their colleagues. 

You know what’s odd? My two sons don’t know what it’s like to not to have their dad around after school. It saddens me to see other kids wishing that their dads could see their concert, or take them out to the lake in the summer during the week. I get to do this anytime I want. And you could too.

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Sadly, dads and moms are a dying breed. With the ever increasing costs of living, many couples are forced to both work long hours and thus have little time or energy to spend with their kids at the end of the day. Or they have to rely on nannies to raise their kids for them.

I was really fortunate to realize early on that the most precious thing we have is time. No one, no matter how wealthy can create more of it. 24 hours in a day is what we all get. It’s how we SPEND it that counts.

Kids are only small for a while, then they leave home to start their own lives. It’s a tragedy that so many parents are so busy caught up in earning a living that they miss their children growing up and lack the time to actually enjoy their family.

Scrimping pennies and saving and hoping that compound interest will amass enough to retire someday is no way to live. Reality: Most people by age 65 are either dead broke, or dead! No thanks. 

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You’re not getting any younger and retirement is a myth for most, given low pay and the ever increasing cost of living plus uncertain stock markets. What would happen if the markets crashed a few years prior to retirement? Unless you have a cushy job that includes a pension (rare these days) you’ll be forced to keep working. Being a Walmart greeter at age 65 sound fun to you? 

When I decided to stop focusing on just earning a living and began designing my ultimate lifestyle everything changed.  

^^^My family enjoying the ferry ride to Vancouver Island (our favourite place to stay)

Note: I don’t work with everyone. You must meet the following criteria:

  • You’re someone who takes action and won’t procrastinate and will do what it takes to succeed
  • You need to be willing to put in the work and apply what you’ve learned to grow your Amazon business
  • Be willing to make yourself available for coaching calls and do the homework in between calls 
  • Be a self-starter –  Being an entrepreneur requires drive, determination and confidence to make your own decisions. I will show you the path, but it’s up to YOU to implement and take action.

If you meet these criteria, I’d like to invite you to apply for coaching with me. 

Whether it’s one call to help you get un-stuck, or ongoing mentoring, I can custom tailor to suit your needs.

We only have so many heartbeats, so why not spend your time on your own terms with who you choose, vs the treadmill of working for someone else on THEIR schedule?

If you’d like to apply for a coaching call with me, please complete the application below:


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