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Bundling For Profit

Did you know one of the best kept secrets for making massive profits on Amazon is by creating unique bundles of complimentary items? And, because you own the listing it makes it very difficult for others to jump on the listing and compete against you too!

How does it work?

Let’s say you have an item that is selling on Amazon very well for $9.99. After fees, there’s no profit left as the sell price is too low for FBA.

What if you took this popular item and bundled it with 2-3 other complimentary products and sold the bundle for $49.99? Now you’re talking!

You see, people order on Amazon for convenience. And by offering a unique bundle, you save people the headache of sourcing for all of the products individually and that’s worth a premium price to many.

Or you take common items and bundle around a theme, like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Gift for a wife, son, father etc. With the right images, keywords and blend of products, you can create an attractive item for customers to purchase.

Anita Breeze wrote a fantastic eBook on how to create your own bundles of profit on Amazon. I suggest you check it out and snag a copy here:

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