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One of my biggest frustrations as a Canadian Amazon seller has been my bookkeeping.
Finding good help seemed impossible and it felt like no one waned to deal with me.
The accountants I’ve contacted are either too busy, charge far too much for smaller clients, or consider eCommerce too risky! And don’t get me started on their egos! 
I’m not an accountant. And that’s a good thing!
I’m an Amazon seller just like you.
But out of necessity, I had to figure out how to do my own bookkeeping.
Bookkeeping isn’t rocket science. But it is a learning curve, and it’s also stressful at first as you want to report everything accurately.
I have had help from a few professionals to verify my bookkeeping methods. 
And I’m now in the process of creating a course on Bookkeeping for Canadian Amazon Sellers that will be easy to understand and apply for your own business
Isn’t it about time someone stepped up and helped Amazon sellers in the True North Strong and Free?!!
I’m an Amazon seller.
I’m here to help you!
And I AM CANADIAN!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
I file my own taxes and do my own bookkeeping. I’ve automated it to the point where it requires very little effort to maintain. You don’t need to pay a bookkeeper with my method.
Being an actual Amazon seller myself, working daily in the business I get it!
Are you interested in taking charge of your bookkeeping?

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