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The Book of Bundles: A COMPLETE guide to creating and selling profitable bundles on Amazon

  • Tired of prices tanking and other sellers crashing prices in a “race to the bottom?”
  • Are you finding many of the products that you source aren’t profitable enough to sell on Amazon?
  • Control your own listings and eliminate competition!

Anita Breeze is know as the Queen of bundles in our community. She wrote this comprehensive eBook on how to create profitable bundles of your own and eliminate your competition.



Learn how to:

  • Take complimentary products and bundle them together to maximize profits
  • Make it nearly impossible for others to hijack your listings
  • Discover what makes a great bundle
  • Creative bundle ideas you can do yourself
  • Know if people will buy your bundles before you create them
  • Price your bundles so they sell like hotcakes
  • The two most important factors that determine your success
  • Set up sponsored ads to drive traffic to your listings and rank on page one
  • Use social media to market and grow sales outside of Amazon
  • Create professional looking photos that CONVERT into sales
  • INCREASE SALES by figuring out “relevant” keywords 
  • Eliminate your competition
  • Where to get UPC Codes 
  • How to get a GTIN exception

Just $29 CAD + Tax

BONUS: Your purchase also includes access to an exclusive Bundling Facebook Mastermind Group where you can ask Anita questions directly!!



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