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Autopilot for your Business

I’m just getting back from spending the last several days down in the US celebrating the 4th with my family.

It occurred to me this morning that I didn’t spend any time working in my business while we were away either. I was truly in the moment and enjoying our mini-vacation together. What a change from other businesses I’ve run in the past where I could never take a day off without customers calling and my having to respond right away.


For 80% of the 600 KM drive (round trip), I used the autopilot feature in my Tesla. It requires me to keep my hands on the wheel and remain attentive, however it brakes, stops, starts and steers automatically for me. This is a major benefit in variable speed traffic, which we encountered at several times during the trip. It really takes away a lot of the stress and makes driving so much more enjoyable.

It got me thinking, that’s exactly how my business operates too!

Amazon FBA automates the customer service, shipping and everything else. Prep companies handle the inventory I send in and then they forward it on to Amazon. I keep my hands on the “wheel” and check in on the process, but I don’t have to “do’ the work myself all the time.

As you might have guessed, I’m a huge fan of technology and automation.

Our groceries are gathered for us (for free), and I have my favourite coffee and other items arrive just before I run out, thanks to Amazon’s subscribe and save (you should check out that service if you have your own products to sell).

All of these little things add up to making life just a bit more enjoyable and free up my time. I still do some of the work myself of course, like a weekly trip to Costco (which I actually enjoy).

Anyway, the point is to encourage you to look for ways to automate and outsource parts of your life that you could use to do other things of more value. It’s surprisingly cheap, sometimes no additional cost at all. If you’re not using FBA, consider doing so as it will free up a lot of your time – Well worth the fees they charge!

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