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August/September Update

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted on the blog and I apologize for the neglect!  I’ve been really busy, well…. selling on Amazon (getting stocked up for Q4)!  As a result, I’m going to give you a heads up that I will be blogging less frequently.  I suggest you join my Facebook page for the latest updates and conversations.  It’s far more interactive and a better way for me to keep everyone up to speed.

I plan to keep this site, but make it more of a location for tools, tips and resources.  I may also write an eBook outlining some of my strategies and advice for selling on Amazon US as a Canadian. UPDATE: That book is now a BEST SELLER! You can get a copy here

I originally started this blog to document my journey and quest to make a full time living selling on Amazon.   I’ve since achieved this goal, and have the proof of concept I needed.  As a result of my continued growth, and the nature of the competitiveness of this business, I’m no longer going to post my financial results publicly.  I’m sorry if anyone will miss that, but I just don’t feel comfortable delving into specifics as the numbers grow.  Maybe it’s my British upbringing coming out, but I was always told to keep finances private.   Anyway, hopefully people can see from the results posted thus far that it is possible to do this business and make a full time living working 20 hours a week or less (if you outsource).

Best of luck, and feel free to comment or add any suggestions below.

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