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What the Hell is Wrong with Me?

I remember back in 2008 wondering “what the hell is wrong with me?” I was making almost $200k a year in my corporate job, at just 31 years old, yet still felt like I was barely getting ahead.

You see, I lived in Vancouver, where a million dollars doesn’t even buy you a 1,500 square foot house. And I was paying almost 50% of every dollar I earned in taxes. I’d also maxed out my RRSP’s, but that only grew my net worth, leaving me “cash poor” every year.

My mortgage and grocery bills for the family were eating up most of any leftover income, along with ever-increasing property taxes.

It wasn’t until I went out and started my own business, then worked at it for a few years that I had my “ah-ha” moment.

The key was to get off of the treadmill and escape the rat race. That required that I take charge of my income.

Over the last few years, not only has my income exploded but so has my free time.

I can take as much time as I want in the summer when my kids are off school and hang out at the lake, or go to the waterslides. We can spend time on the sunny beach in California, or the Carribean (we took an all-inclusive this year to Club Med in Cancun). And I never miss their school concerts and other important events.

With the help of an experienced lawyer and an accountant, I’ve structured my finances in a way that I can reduce taxes and build real wealth in my corporation.

So I guess my message to you is that the first step to freedom is getting off the hamster wheel of life and taking action.

I teach how to create a successful Amazon business in my complete training package. Don’t let your dreams escape you and end up with regrets later on in life wishing you’d at least tried.

If you’re sick of the same old routine, are the type who takes action and believe you can better your life, I know you’ll benefit from this training.

To your success!

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