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Amazon is a search engine

Amazon is a search engine….for physical products!

When most people think of a search engine, they instantly think of “Google.” Heck, we even call searching on the internet “Googling!”

Yet, the data shows that nearly half (46.7%) of all US internet users started their product searches on Amazon vs 34.6% who went to Google first.

And of those who went to Google first, they quickly left to go to Amazon to continue their search.

Re-read those two sentences again. And let that sink in for a moment.

If you’re not ranking for keywords that convert you AREN’T going to generate many sales.

SIDE NOTE: I don’t want to scare off newbies with the above statement. For many of you starting out, you’ll be piggy backing onto existing listings and sharing the “buy box”. This is the easiest way to get sales (and also the most competitive sometimes). If you’re new to selling on Amazon and don’t have your own products yet, or aren’t creating your own listings I suggest you read this first.

Showing up at the top of page one for keywords relevant to customers search queries is the key to success for 2019 and beyond.

Customers overwhelmingly buy the products that show up first when they search on Amazon.

And the most successful sellers get the majority of their sales now via targeted advertising. A Pay-to-Play market place is the present and future of selling on Amazon.

This means that we as sellers need to invest in the tools and knowledge to understand the algorithms behind search ranking on Amazon along with using effective advertising if we’re to remain relevant.

Winning the buy box and sales rank are no longer the most important areas to focus on.

Food for thought!

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