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Are you ready to make 2018 the year that your Amazon business THRIVES?!

Just $3500 CAD + tax for one year of coaching!


It’s hard to explain the feeling I get every single day when I wake up and live life on my own terms.  The reality is that I make more money while I sleep than most people make in their day jobs working at a job that they hate.

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My reality:  I made more in the first week of 2018 than I used to make in a MONTH at my old six figure, soul crushing corporate job!

I’ve no alarm clock, nor do I need to drive with the herd in commuter traffic either.

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I don’t say this to impress you, rather to impress upon you ​that this business really works. I knew nothing about  Amazon FBA three years ago, and just a few months later had turned it into my full time income.​ It still feels surreal to me at times as well.

A JOB is a really a bad deal if you think about it.

  • You’re told when to be there and when you can leave.
  • You need permission to take time off.
  • You’re allowed a set number of sick days.
  • Deal with a jerk boss
  • Corporate politics
  • Making just enough pay to keep you around


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Don’t get me started on meetings either! Ugh!!

My two sons don’t know what it’s like to not to have their dad around. And it saddens me to see other kids wish that their dads could see their concert, come to their school or take them out to the lake in the summer.

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Sadly, dad’s are a dying breed. And with the ever increasing costs of living, many couples are both forced to work long hours and have little time or energy to spend with their kids.

I was really fortunate to realize early on that the most precious and important thing we all have is time.

Kids are only small for a while, and then they’re gone.

Most peoples pay isn’t keeping up with the cost of living.

Scrimping pennies and saving, hoping compound interest will amass you enough to retire someday is no way to live!

You’re not getting any younger and retirement is a myth for most people.Related image

I decided to stop focusing on simply earning a living and began designing a lifestyle.  And I want to help a few others willing to put in the effort do the same.









^^^Me and my family enjoying the ferry ride to Vancouver Island

Amazon Mastery Inner Circle​ – 12 months to THRIVE!

It isn’t for just anyone though. You MUST meet the following criteria to ensure your success:

  • ​You’ve already registered and set up your Amazon seller account
  • You have a basic understanding of how selling on Amazon works already
  • You’re someone who takes action and won’t procrastinate
  • Be able to invest at least $3,000 CAD to into inventory
  • Get a subscription to Tactical Arbitrage
  • Be able to put at least 5-10 hours a week into growing your Amazon business
  • Make yourself available for coaching calls as needed

Amazon Mastery Inner Circle – 12 Months to THRIVE!

What’s included

  • ​1 year’s access to my Wholesale Mastermind Group
  • Copies of all of my eBooks and workshop videos
  • Up to 12 one-on-one phone/Skype calls with a coach that you can use as needed (calls are 1 hour each)
  • 12 months of ongoing support with access to me and your coaches via PM and email

What you’ll learn

  1. One-on-one, Step-by-step instructions on how to scale your Amazon business from a hobby into a profitable income stream
  2. How to source online in both the US and Canada using Tactical Arbitrage 
  3. How to get your products from Canada into the US inexpensively
  4. Strategies to work with wholesale accounts and become a brand ambassador
  5. How to automate your business so you never have to see or touch inventory
  6. Set up and work with prep companies in the US
  7. How to register for a GST/HST number and any other Provincial tax numbers you may require
  8. The best tools to help you run your Amazon business
  9. How to set up a bank account to receive US payments and avoid high transaction fees
  10. How to start stocking up for Q4 and preparing ahead of time for the gold rush
  11. Sample scripts for contacting wholesalers and manufacturers
  12. How to read Camel and Keepa charts and decide if  a product is worth buying or not
  13. How to identify profitable flips from Amazon Canada to

This is one-one-one coaching, not a shared group. You’ll literally have a coach looking over your shoulder to help you take the steps required to THRIVE!

Think about it: You’ve a product you’re considering buying….But aren’t sure if it’s a good deal or if the rank is decent…PM or email me and I’ll look into it and help you make an informed decision.

And by the end of 2018, you could have your own successful Amazon business providing you with an income stream that puts money in your bank account every single month.


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^^Where we stay when visiting Santa Barbara – I spend spring many breaks here with the kids.

Are you ready to make 2018 your year to THRIVE?

Just $3500 CAD + tax for one year of coaching!

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE: I won’t offer this again this year once we’re full. 

GUARANTEE: If you haven’t made back at least DOUBLE your initial investment for the cost of this coaching by the end of 2018, and you’ve followed all of the steps your coach and you agreed on, & you’ve used up all of your 12 coaching calls, I’ll extend your membership for ANOTHER YEAR! I want you to THRIVE and will work with you until you do!

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