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Learn How to Sell on Amazon

Hi, I’m Duncan Macpherson and I make my living around selling on Amazon, from the comfort of my home.


You can read all about my journey by Clicking here.


  • Would you like to wake up each morning, without an alarm clock and start your day on your own terms?


  • Does the potential to make money while you sleep sound better than trading your time for dollars?


  • Do you wish you could spend more time with your family?


  • Imagine how much time and stress you’d trim not having to commute to a job.


  • Could you live in a nicer house, in a more affordable area if you didn’t need to be close to work?


  • Maybe you’d like to travel and make money while on your adventures?


Learn how to build a successful business selling on Amazon. It starts with a first step:

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Canadians: My eBook How to Sell on from Canada was written specifically for you:


HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON.COM FROM CANADA: A Comprehensive Guide for Canadians,Including how to make your own private label products 

(Updated for 2018) – BONUS Includes 1 hour 40 Minutes of video instruction on how to create your own Private Label products 

Are you Canadian and want to sell in the US on, but think it’s too complicated? Maybe you’re just not sure where to begin?  

My eBook has already helped hundreds Canadians like you start selling in the US on  

You’ll learn everything you need to know. Including shipping from your Canadian home to Amazon in the US and never having to cross the border at all if you choose not to.



All of my clients get access to our Facebook community of over 4,700 Amazon sellers where you can ask for help and get answers too.

Here’s what people are saying about that community:







































































*This website and all products, courses, eBooks and training offered are not endorsed by or associated with Amazon. Success in selling on Amazon is dependent on your own efforts, experience, financial situation and ability to adapt. The fact is, many people don’t make any money at all with their Amazon business, or even end up losing money. This is no different to any new business venture.

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