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Like many sellers, I started out sourcing for inventory by scanning products in store and on major retailer’s web sites. (Better known as Retail and Online Arbitrage).  But  it was way too  time consuming and worse, I hated it!

I wanted to grow my business into a full time income, but I couldn’t get there with arbitrage alone.  I didn’t want to spend hours of my time every week “searching” for profitable inventory.

Current Challenges

Amazon have restricted many top brand names, preventing sellers from listing a lot of products.  And sellers are being suspended at a rate I’ve never seen before.

Worse, Amazon are also rejecting retail receipts as proof of authenticity in some cases too, making arbitrage a very risky sourcing method.

There’s never been a better time to diversify your sourcing methods into wholesale and mitigate your risk

The Solution and Results

I attended my first wholesale trade show, the ASD Las Vegas in 2015.  This was a major breakthrough for me and I was able secure several great wholesale lines.  I continued to add wholesale accounts in the months following and my business really began to take off.

Finally, I’d found a way to scale my business by purchasing steady quantities of replenishable inventory, without having to spend hours each day sourcing.  As an added bonus, my wholesale listings have less competition than my arbitrage sourced products.

Today, my Amazon business is 80% wholesale.  It’s completely changed the way I run my business, and freed up a ton of my time.



 “Ungated in a popular toy brand where I (luckily) have the US distributor….Thanks to my wholesale coaching for assisting with this opportunity!” – Nick S

TIP: You Don’t have to be a huge seller to start adding wholesale lines!  In fact, many wholesale opening orders can be as low as $150!!

Just $39.99 CAD + Sales Tax


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