A Comprehensive Guide for Canadians

ARE YOU A CANADIAN looking to sell in the US on, but think it’s too complicated, or just aren’t sure where to begin?  


My comprehensive eBook has helped hundreds of fellow Canadians start selling on from Canada.  And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

My 62 page eBook gives everything you need to know start selling on  

In fact, I wish someone had written it for me when I started!

Includes 4 Bonuses:

BONUS #1 – Pro Tips – These will save you a TON of time

BONUS #2 – List of Websites to Source from

BONUS #3 – List of Prep & Ship Companies in the US

BONUS #4 – Ask questions in our Facebook Group of over 2,000 other sellers




eBook: Just $59.99 CAD+ Sales Tax


The Problem
Like many Canadians, I started out selling on Amazon Canada and wanted to grow my sales into a full time income.  Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that the Canadian market was too small and my sales stalled.  

I knew that to grow my business, I needed expand into the huge US market and start selling on  But it seemed like such a monumental step, with all kinds of barriers, rules and regulations.

I had a lot of uncertainty around how to get started and frankly, I felt intimidated. After hours of research and asking a ton of questions, I got a lot of mixed information. I didn’t know who to trust!


The Solution and Results
Eventually after much trial and error, I figured out enough to begin selling on and went on to make my first sale.  And I’ve never looked back since!  In fact, I tell people that Amazon Canada is a waste of time!!


Just four months later, my Amazon sales had grown to a point where I was officially making a full time income selling on Amazon*.  

With the current US/CAD exchange rate, there’s never been a better time to be paid in US dollars while living in Canada

Who am I?

My name’s Duncan Macpherson and I make a full time living, working part-time hours selling on Amazon and teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same.  I live with my wife, two sons and three cats in beautiful Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.  My eBook will save you time, headaches and frustration by walking you step-by-step through the process of selling on from Canada.

eBook: Just $59.99 CAD+ Sales Tax

  • Learn how to ship your products over the border
  • Required  forms and paperwork (with examples)
  • How to set up an account on
  • Tips for Retail and Online Arbitrage (Including sourcing in Canada and the US)
  • Where to find Wholesalers in the US and Canada
  • Private Label (This book doesn’t get into specifics on how to learn Private Label, but the techniques for shipping to the US are taught)
  • How to sell in the US without ever shipping products over the border
  • How to sell on Amazon without ever touching boxes yourself
  • How to set up a US Bank Account as a Canadian

Table of Contents
Registering for an Seller Account
Where to Find Products to Sell
Online Arbitrage
Retail Arbitrage
Buying from Wholesalers
Private Label

Importing Products into the US from Canada
United States Laws and Rules
Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Shipping via Courier/Mail from Canada
Self-Importing as an Informal Entry via a Commercial Border Crossing
Using a Broker
What You’ll Need at the Border
Sample Commercial Invoice
Form 7533
Form 7501
Form 7523
US Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
Prep & Ship Companies
US Parcel Receiving and Freight Forwarders
BONUS #1 – Pro Tips
BONUS #2 – List of Websites to Source
BONUS #3 – List of Prep & Ship Companies

eBook: Just $59.99 CAD+ Sales Tax



I was so happy when I came across How to Sell on from Canada! As someone new to FBA I knew I wanted to sell on the .com platform but had so many questions. It was difficult to find answers, especially when most information is geared to FBA sellers who live in the USA. After downloading, I devoured the book but will be going back through it again and again. Duncan detailed all the info needed from basics to the nitty gritty of getting your shipment across the border and setting up with prep and ship companies. After reading, I feel so much more confident in getting my shipment into growing my FBA business!

Christine B.

I just purchased your book earlier this evening and wanted to thank you. Looks like you over-delivered on this…far above and beyond what I really was expecting.  I’ll have to go over it again…there’s so much good, detailed information here.  I’ve been looking for a guide like this for such a long time.  Thank you!

– Annie D

Excellent content helps answer a lot of questions. I would recommend to any seller who is deciding to sell in the USA.

– Nicole Osborne

If you’re a Canadian Amazon seller and want to move into the US market this book will save you a ton of time. There are a lot of free resources out there that teach you how to sell but they are geared towards US sellers. The value in this book is that it is written by an active Canadian seller for Canadian sellers.

– Rob Mills

Great book that is filled with first rate information on the in’s and out’s of cross border transactions. It’s not where I started my sales but it definitely gave direction on next steps to take. Author runs a great face book page as well.

– Elaine C.

*Earnings Disclaimer: My results are not typical consumer results and are no guarantees that you’ll achieve similar results.