One on One Coaching

  • Are you ready to take your Amazon business to the next level?
  • Maybe you’re just starting out and need some guidance to get going?
  • Is it time to add wholesale lines?
  • Ready to create your own private label brand?
  • Want to Learn how to create highly profitable bundles with limited competition?



Our team of expert coaches are experienced Amazon sellers, each with successful businesses and a gift for teaching others.  You’ll benefit from learning first hand the inside tips to take your own Amazon business to the next level, possibly even replacing a 9-5 job!

Q: How much does Coaching cost? 

A: Coaching prices vary depending on your specific requirements (Private Label, and Wholesale are complex subjects that take a lot of time, thus they lean to the higher end of coaching costs).   We now offer à la carte options so you can custom tailor the coaching to suit your needs.

Q: How do I Know if Coaching will Work for Me?

I personally guarantee that everyone who works with our coaches will come away from the experience better off.  If you’re willing to put in the hard work and take actions necessary, we’re willing to work with you until you get the results you want.  We offer unlimited follow up once coaching is complete until you reach your goals.

If you’d like to find out more about our coaching services, please complete the questionnaire below and I will personally follow up with you.





Our Coaching Team:

Duncan Macpherson: I’m an experienced Amazon seller, versed in selling on and .com and specialize in wholesale and automating processes/outsourcing.  I also teach how to create income streams outside of Amazon.

Anita Breeze: Anita sells on both and  Her specialty is bundling and creating unique product listings.  Anita is a natural when it comes to coaching, and her students love her personality, passion and down to earth approach.

Christian Little: Christian jumped into Amazon head first, and quickly learned the ropes.  Often dubbed “The Toy King”, Wholesale and Private Label.  He has developed his own successful Private Label products that are currently selling on Amazon, and has several large wholesale accounts that he’s doing significant volume with.  Christian is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and methodical in his approach.  His easy to follow teaching style combined with his extensive knowledge has already several students grow their Amazon businesses to the next level.