Hi, I’m Duncan Macpherson. I make a six-figure income working less than 20 hours a week selling online!*  Let me show you how to live the Laptop Lifestyle too!

Selling on Amazon is one of the best opportunities for someone to begin making their first dollar online. There are many ways to approach selling on Amazon:


Part-Time: Earn a little extra money each month while working your day job. Pay for your car, groceries or even your mortgage with the profits from selling on Amazon.

Replace a Second Job: Maybe you work a second job or have a spouse who works? Imaging being able to quit that job with the income you make from Amazon! Have more time at home, with friends, family and your kids!

Full-Time: Be like me! You could be working less than 20 hours a week, with mostly automated processes.  Never see or touch inventory, order online and your stuff gets shipped to Amazon. You get paid as it sells. Rinse and repeat every month. 

Retirees: We’ve many people in our community who are supplementing their income by selling on Amazon. Some even do it from the comfort of their RV while travelling.

Why Sell On Amazon from Canada?

Get Paid in US Dollars: The US Dollar is strong, and goes a lot further when converted into Canadian dollars.

Buy in Canada and sell in the US: You can buy many products in Canada for less than they’re available in the US and sell on Amazon for big profits!


Proximity to the US Border: Ship items inexpensively from Canada to the US with little to no duties – It’s easier than you think!

Sell in Right here in Canada Too: Amazon.ca is the largest Canadian online retailer and they’ve warehouses in Vancouver and OntarioItems can be picked up right from your home and then sold on Amazon Canada.

No Sales Experience Required: The hardest part of any online business is getting traffic and building a client base. Well, Amazon already have the customers. You just supply them with the products, and they sell for you! They take their percentage in fees, and the difference between what you paid and what you receive back from Amazon is your profit! 







A Comprehensive Guide for Canadians

ARE YOU A CANADIAN looking to sell in the on Amazon, but think it’s too complicated, or just aren’t sure where to begin?  


My comprehensive eBook has helped hundreds of fellow Canadians start selling on Amazon from Canada.  And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. CLICK HERE.




Also be sure to join our growing community of over 2,800 like minded Amazon sellers


*DISCLOSURE: FTC Rules require that I disclose the earnings of an average seller like me. I don’t have this information, so I’ll say it’s $0.01! As with any business, your income is directly dependent on the effort you put in, along with timing, and resources you have available. My results are not typical and I don’t guarantee that yours will be similar. 

I receive compensation for several of the products and services I review and promote on this site. That being said, I only promote the best and what I’ve personally tested and/or use myself.

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