Hi, I’m Duncan Macpherson!  Welcome to my blog where you can follow my journey as an Amazon seller, e-commerce coach and author.  I started out selling on Amazon in 2015 and became a full time seller just a few months later.  Now, I work part-time hours from home, while making a full time living selling on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.  I also write eBooks, provide coaching services and run a couple of subscription based online arbitrage finds group. 

My passion is teaching others (especially parents) how to achieve financial independence and freedom of their time by escaping the 9-5 routine of a normal job.  Being a husband and father of two boys myself, I treasure spending time with my family.  That’s the main attraction to an internet based business for me – Freedom of my time and the ability to work when I WANT, on my own schedule.  I’ve developed multiple income streams that provide a secure and fun lifestyle for our family.  I’d love to help you to live your own freedom lifestyle  that gives you freedom of your time and an above average income through my coaching services.

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How To Sell on Amazon from Canada

Are you a Canadian?  Be sure to check out My complete “How To” guide for Canadians looking to sell on Amazon.com.  It’s the guide I WISH someone had written for me when I got started!

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