Hi, I’m Duncan Macpherson and welcome to my website!  I started this blog to document my journey as a full time seller on Amazon, and later created a Facebook Community now that’s grown to over 750 800 people!   I work part-time hours from home, while making a full time living selling on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.  I also write eBooks, provide coaching services and run an a paid online arbitrage finds group.  I’ll share my successes and failures as you follow my journey, always testing what works and learning what doesn’t.  If I can save you some time and a few headaches along the way, I’ve done my job.

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My passion is teaching others (especially parents) how to achieve financial independence and freedom of their time by escaping the 9-5 routine of a normal job.  I’m a husband and father of two boys and I treasure spending time with my family.  That’s the main attraction to an internet based business for me – Freedom of my time and the ability to work when I WANT to on my own schedule.  I’ve developed multiple income streams that provide a secure and fun lifestyle for our family.  I’d love to teach you how to do the same!

I emphasize working on your business, instead of in it and encourage people to outsource and automate processes to free up their time for the important stuff, (like living life and spending time with loved ones).  I can show you how to design a “laptop lifestyle” that gives you freedom of your time and an above average income through my coaching service.

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How To Sell on Amazon from Canada

Are you a Canadian?  Be sure to check out My complete “How To” guide for Canadians looking to sell on Amazon.com.  It’s the guide I WISH someone had written for me when I got started!

Selling-on-Amazon-from-Canadapt¸-668x1024What’s Inside:

  • Registering your Amazon.com account
  • Where to find products to sell
  • Importing Products into the US from Canada
  • What you’ll need at the border
  • Forms and declarations
  • US bank accounts and credit cards
  • Prep and Ship companies
  • Freight forwarders (so you don’t have to cross the border!)
  • A list of Prep and Ship companies
  • A list of websites both Canadian and US where you can source products